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DIE HARD version of TAPE DEALER book - strictly limited to 100 copies. Comes as A4 Hardcover including a tape compilation (with demo songs of Deceased, Revenant, Asphyx, Sadistic Intent, Derketa or Sarcoma) and a tape trading list which consists of 12 pages + cover jacket with reprints of several original lists from back in the days. The compilation tape has a running time of 60+ minutes and will be available in two colors: yellow and pink (50 copies each).

TAPE DEALER is another dive-in into the early days of the Extreme Metal underground. Written by Dima Andreyuk (SEVEN INCHES OF DEATH/ TOUGH RIFFS), the TAPE DEALER book is an ode to the origins of the Death Metal and the tape-trading phenomena. Covering the glorious decade of 1984-1994, the bands from all over the world share their memories on the early underground scene, first recorded demo tapes and tons of “snail-mail” letters they received while trying to spread the word about the underground.

Participating bands include Possessed, Death, Cryptic Slaughter, Sacrifice, Krabathor, Immolation, Asphyx, Cianide, Rot, Ripping Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Demilich, Xysma, Fleshgrind, Deathcult, Purgatory, Morbid Scream, Hellwitch and many more…

A4 Hardcover, 336 pages, black/ white, 135gr paper, 1.7 kg, English language, cover artwork by Mark Riddick

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